Corporate Financial Advisory

Corporate Financial Advisory

Machhapuchchhre Kriti Capital Corporate Finance Advisory wing has helped raise over USD 15 million of debt and equity for emerging enterprises in five different sectors. We work with enterprises at all stages of expansion to provide them with financial advice on a broad range of corporate finance issues, and capital optimization strategies.

The services include raising capital and providing corporate finance advice, predominantly to young and growing enterprises. With expertise in nine sectors, our advisory team will work with you through a wide array of services, as listed below:

  • Preparation of Business Plan: We prepare a comprehensive business plan, which depicts a roadmap for your project. To your requirement, the business plan will include market analysis, regulatory requirements of the service or product, operating strategy, financial projects, and financial viability of the project.
  • Business Valuation: We provide focused business valuation expertise from start-ups to mature companies by performing in-depth research and analysis of your company. Standard valuation methods are performed in order to appraise the value of companies. Business valuations are done for the purpose of merger, acquisition, financial reporting, raising capital, renegotiating debt financing, public offerings, and capital restructuring.
  • Raising funds: We initially advise you on different investment tools to raise capital based on cost, business cycle, and risk appetite of you project. Subsequently, we assist you in developing an effective financing strategy and in securing the capital necessary to advance with your strategy through private placement or public offerings.
  • Business due Diligence Service: In order to best minimize the risks associated with investment, we provide independent assessment, and comparative analysis of a business or project. In addition, we also review the business’s financial position, its commercial factors, and taxation affairs in order to carefully design the due diligence.
  • Customized Service Package (For Hydropower Companies): We have studied and mapped the hydropower industry in Nepal. With this service we assist you in developing a customized financial intermediation package for your hydro project and help you to manage the finances and capital structure in different stages of your hydro project.

Corporate Financial Advisory is a licensed merchant banking activity, as per the Securities Businessperson (Merchant Banker) Regulation—First Amendment 2074, which Machhapuchchhre Kriti Capital plans to obtain in the current fiscal year.

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